Cadet of the Year Competition

Cadet of the Year

To recognize the involvement and contribution of cadets, “Cadet of the Year” has been selected and awarded each year long since the establishment of the Cadet Section in the Brigade. With the establishment of the Cadet Command, it was agreed in the Cadet Senior Officers’ Meeting on 19 May 2007 that recognition should be given to cadets who actively contributed in their respective Cadet Regions.

Each division can nominate no more than one cadet, irrespective of the gender, to join the selection for the award of “Cadet of the Year (Region)”. The three awardees would then be going through another selection for the highest award of “Cadet of the Year” of the Command. Awardees would be given a certificate and a distinguishing lapel pin to be worn on their cadet uniform.

Each year in late September, announcement would be made to invite nominations from all divisions. The selection would be done in late October and result announced in the Brigade Order of November. The best cadet of the Command selected is proposed to receive the award in the Annual Parade.


  1. Be under the age of 21 on 31 August (Amendment 21.11.2007).
  2. Be efficient in preceding two years
  3. Supported by the Teacher-in-charge

Selection of Regional Cadet of the Year

The calculation of marks will base on an academic year, i.e. 1 September to 31 August.
Selection would base on a standard marking scheme which consisted of two main parts:

  1. Involvements in St. John 50%
      Duty hours (15%): one mark for 10 hours of service in the year, maximum 15.
      Proficiency awards (10%): 2.5 marks for each proficiency award, maximum 10. There would be deduction of 2.5 marks for each blacklisted course.
      Involvements in services and projects (10%): 5 marks for involvement as committee members in services and projects, maximum 10.Other achievements (15%): 5 marks for obtaining each of the following awards, maximum 15.

    Grand Achievement Award
    Hong Kong Award for Young People
    Special Service Shield
    Champion and Runner Ups in First Aid and/or Home Nursing Competitions

  2. Interview 50%
      Uniform and Appearance 10%Communication & Aptitude 10%Knowledge of Hong Kong 10%Knowledge of St. John 20%
Interview Board Composition
Three senior officers from each Region, the most senior being the Chairman of the Interview Board.


Selection for Command Cadet of the Year

Selection would be based on a standard marking scheme consisting of two main parts:
  1. Group Discussion 40%
    The three Regional Cadet of the Year would be given a topic for discussion within 15 minutes. Interview Board members would be giving marks according to a standard marking scheme:
      Communication skills 10%
      Personality 10%
      Leadership & team work 10%
      Attitude and temperament 10%
  2. Interview 60%
    Candidates would be interviewed by the Board Members individually and marks given according to the following:
      Uniform and Appearance 10%
      Communication & Aptitude 10%
      Knowledge of Hong Kong 15%
      Knowledge of St. John 25%

Interview Board Composition
AC or his delegate being the Chairman
Chairman of the three interview boards and one senior officer from Administrative Region as members.


(Endorsed in Commissioner Conference on 20 August 2007)
Revised 21 November 2007

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