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You are eligible to join us if you :

  1. A male student of St Paul's Co-educational College.
  2. A form 1-2 student.
  3. Attend and pass Basic First Aid (BFA) or Adult First Aid (AFA) lecture conducted by the Hong Kong St John Ambulance Association(Association)*.
  4. Attend footdrill trainings once a week after school.
  5. Eagar to learn and responsible.
*BFA will be arranged by us with the Assoication.
We accept applicants who possess BFA or AFA prior his application.
Applicants aged nearly 13 upon application will be encouraged to take AFA.

Recruitment Schedule

  1. Sign up during the promotion recruitment campaign to be held between late September and early October.
  2. Receive footdrill trainings
  3. Attend BFA or AFA courses in Christmas or Chinese New Year Holiday.
  4. Pass both footdrill and first aid practical internal assessment in April.
  5. Officially enroll as a cadet member of the St John Ambulance Brigade.

Failure of BFA requires to re-take the entire course while failure in AFA requires to re-take examination only.

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